About Cooper Events

Who is behind Cooper Events?

Sue Ede and her husband Peter Hodder, owners of four of the most popular art and antiques fairs in the country: The Cotswolds Decorative Antiques Fair, The Chester Decorative Antiques & Art Fair, The Buxton Antiques Fair, and The Harrogate Decorative Antiques & Art Fair.

Cooper Events venues are central to the experience. Each of our locations is well-established, known for their enduring appeal. The Buxton Pavilion Gardens, for example, has been hosting fairs for over 57 years.

One of their core principles is the unwavering dedication to excellent customer service, for both their dealers and their clients. Cooper Events prioritise understanding the distinct needs of their valued long standing dealers, striving to get every aspect right, from ensuring affordable exhibition spaces to enhancing accessibility and timing.

Cooper Events stay current by continually updating our marketing methods, which includes embracing contemporary tools such as social media and this brand new website.  The primary focus is on assisting dealers in achieving business success, which is why so many return to their fairs, event after event. Cooper Events is a family run business and is always keen to foster connections and support the prosperity of their exhibitors, beyond just history and aesthetics.

Drawing from over 55 years of experience, Cooper Events remains dedicated to delivering sought-after events to the Antiques Trade.

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Sue Ede & Peter Hodder

                                           Katie Ede